How To Make A Chocolate Bouquet?

How To Make A Chocolate Bouquet?

A bouquet of flowers is old news and bouquets made of chocolate are in! What's better than a sweet bouquet filled with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate?! (We agree - nothing!)

This kind of gift is really thoughtful, and with the right materials, easy to make at home. If you're in need of a birthday gift or an anniversary gift - you can make the perfect chocolate bouquet and impress the recipient with your creative skills with our step by step guide.

What You'll Need for Your Homemade Chocolate Bouquet

To make a chocolate flower bouquet, you'll need a range of things - some of which you might be able to reuse from around the house! If you need to buy bits, you will be able to find most of these at crafts stores.

  1. Your choice of chocolate bars

  2. Wooden skewers or lollipop sticks

  3. Tissue paper

  4. Ribbon or twine

  5. Styrofoam block

  6. Bouquet box

Step 1: Pick your favourite chocolates

With so many different types of chocolate bars out there - you can pick the chocolate treats you want and make the bouquet of their dreams. If they are a cadbury lover you could do a candy bouquet with just cadbury products, you could do all mint flavour chocolate or all kinder chocolate and kinder eggs.

To make the bouquet look full, make sure you get a range of different size and shaped chocolates: this will make building the bouquet much easier.

Step 2: Tape or hot glue gun treats to your sticks

Arguably the worst part of this DIY project - once you have your chocolates, it's time to stick them to the sticks!

You can either use sellotape or a hot glue gun to do this (either works - use whatever you have in the house!) and all you need to do is secure the chocolate bar to the wooden skewer so that it will stand up in your bouquet.

Make sure the chocolate is attached well enough so that it will stay on the stick during travel.

Step 3: Build your Box

Building your bouquet boxes is easy, just follow the instructions until you have a box, this is the base for your bouquet and will keep the foam secure.

If you're feeling creative, you could use mason jars and find a bit of smaller foam to put in these.

Step 4: Add your Coloured Tissue Paper to your foam

Place your box to one side and get your tissue paper out. This is a really great idea for a present because you can personalise your gifts in every aspect, including the coloured tissue paper that you choose!

Fold your tissue paper in half and place it around the top of your foam block and wrap it around so that you have a background for your chocolates.

If this is for Mother's day you could opt for a nice red, if it's for Easter go with yellow! Be creative and have fun with the bouquet. You could also use Christmas wrapping paper if you have some laying around spare.

Step 5: Place foam and Tissue Paper into Box

With the tissue paper attached to the foam with tape, place the foam at the bottom of your box. Make sure it's secure as this is what your chocolates and candies will be put into!

Step 6: Start Building

Now it's time for the fun to begin - it's time to start building...

Gather all of your chocolates and your box and begin creating the perfect present. There's no right way to place the chocolates in, just have a play around until it's looking full and luscious like a real flower bouquet that's full of chocolates.

Try and place the chocolates and different heights and angles to add dimensions. Once you're done, you've created the perfect surprise gift that has been homemade with love for a special occasion.

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