How to Make a Sweet Bouquet

How to Make a Sweet Bouquet

Show someone you care with a beautiful handmade sweet bouquet! Sweet bouquets are gorgeous edible arrangements that make for a fun and easy DIY project.

If you’re influenced by things like new craft projects and homemade gifts, why don’t you give a sweet bouquet a go?

It will help you develop and improve new skills, while also making the perfect gift! A sweet chocolate bouquet or candy bouquet will be your new crafty obsession.

A sweet bouquet is a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, an anniversary, or even a Birthday! Whatever the occasion, a sweet bouquet will show someone you really love them! Surprise your loved ones with a sweet bouquet today!

Now, let's get in to how to make a chocolate bouquet or sweet bouquet!

What You Need to Make a Candy Bouquet

  • Candy Bars, Sweets, or Other Treats. 

  • Hot Glue Gun or Glue Stick.

  • Pasta Sauce Jars, Mason Jars, Cardboard Boxes, etc. 

  • Coloured Tissue Paper. 

  • Coloured Ribbons or Bows.

  • Wooden Skewers. 

  • Cellotape. 

  • Foam.

  • Christmas Wrapping Paper or Normal Wrapping Paper (depending on the special occasion). 

1. Choose the Chocolate and Sweets for the Bouquet

Make sure to pick the recipient’s favourite chocolates and sweets. You want the bouquet to be personalised and as special as possible. It will really make someone's day when they see a bouquet filled with their favourite things!

Think about what treats your loved one likes. If you’re not sure, get the classics like Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury chocolate, chocolate coins, gummy bears, coke bottles, and gummy love hearts. 


2. Stick the Treats to the Bouquet 

Next, you need to glue the treats to the wooden skewers. The wooden skewers are the foundation of the flowers of the bouquet.

We recommend using a hot glue gun to glue the treats to the skewers. This ensures they are firmly stuck down and won’t fall apart.

If you don’t have a hot glue gun, you can also use a normal glue stick, cellotape, or duct tape to hold them in place. Basically, use anything that will be durable and long lasting.

3. Make the Bouquet Box for the Flowers

Use an old cereal box, cardboard box, or glass jars to create the bouquet box. The bouquet box is where the edible flowers will be placed inside.

You can use whatever you have lying around your house. Or alternatively, you can purchase a nice vase or box. If you choose to DIY the chocolate bouquet box, you will need to decorate it! 


4. Stick Foam at the Bottom of the Bouquet Box

It’s time to place the foam at the bottom of the box. The foam is where the wooden skewers will be stuck into to create the bouquet shape. You will need to cut the foam to fit the base of your candy bouquet box.

To do this, place the bouquet box on top of the foam. Trace around the bottom of the box and cut out the shape.

Once you’ve done this, stick the foam to the bottom with some hot glue. Remember, the chocolate wooden skewers may be heavier than you think.

Choose a sturdy, heavy duty foam that will be able to support the weight of the treats. 

5. Decorate the Bouquet Box With Coloured Tissue Paper

Add some pzazz to your chocolate bouquet box with coloured tissue paper. You will be able to find coloured tissue paper at any local arts and crafts store.

When choosing a colour, think about the occasion you're giving it for or the recipient’s favourite colour. 

For example, if you’re making a chocolate bouquet for Valentine’s Day, find bright pink tissue paper. If it’s a Christmas present choose a festive red or green tissue paper. Whatever colour you choose, just make sure it doesn’t clash with the colour of the candy and the sweets.

Remember, candy wrapping can be very bright and obnoxious. For a more professional looking bouquet choose candy to match the colour theme of the bouquet. You can also match the coloured tissue paper to the candy you decide on.

This thoughtfulness won’t go unnoticed by your loved one. It will make the chocolate bouquet that much nicer! You don't want a miss matched and messy sweet bouquet. Try to make it look as put together as possible!

Coloured Tissue Paper

6. Add the Treats to the Wooden Skewers  

Add the chocolate stuck on the wooden skewers to the bouquet box. Make sure to firmly push the skewers into the foam and create a floral-like arrangement.

You could also add a flower or two to make it better resemble an actual bouquet! 

7. Decorate the Bouquet Box

The final step for your chocolate bouquet is to wrap your gift box in colourful wrapping paper.

In fact, you could really use any form of tissue paper or wrapping paper you have available. Wrapping is essential in creating a lovely, thoughtful gift. You can also decorate the bouquet box with stickers, pictures, or drawings.

Just make sure to spend a little extra time wrapping the bouquet. Once you’ve finished wrapping, top it off with a bright ribbon that matches the wrapping paper. There you have it! Your chocolate bouquet is all done!

Our top tip is to make your bouquet within 24 hours before gifting it. Try to give it to your loved one as soon as possible. You don’t want the chocolate melting before they receive it! It's best to make it and give it in the same day. This way you don't risk the bouquet getting ruined!

Top Tip: Don’t Forget to Be Unique

The best part about a DIY project is that you can be creative! Why not make your chocolates from scratch or add some homemade baked goods onto the candy bouquet?

You could also make a lovely card to go with your bouquet, or just experiment with the shape, size and colour palette of the arrangement! 

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We hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make a chocolate bouquet! Make sure to let us know in the comments below how your candy bouquet turned out! 

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