Why do we give Chocolate on Valentine's Day?

Why do we give Chocolate on Valentine's Day?

Every year around Valentine's Day, approximately 36 million heart shaped boxes of chocolates are sold, Chocolates come second to the gift of roses. This staggering number begs the question: why? Why are chocolate bars and chocolate boxes considered the perfect gift for Valentine's Day?

Don't get us wrong; if it means we get to eat chocolate both milk and dark chocolate, count us in for the tradition.

However, there's actually a fascinating history behind the practice of gifting chocolate to your loved one on Valentine's Day and the history of Valentine's day stretches beyond a few decades.

We're going to delve into that history and then introduce you to some fantastic chocolate Valentine's gifts that exude romance!

The Victorian Influence

During the Victorian era in the 19th century, the exchange of elaborate gifts became a popular way to express affection and love on Valentine's Day.

This period was characterised by a heightened emphasis on romantic love, shaping the way people expressed their feelings towards their loved ones.

Chocolate, with its luxurious and indulgent nature, emerged as the perfect gift to symbolise love and romance during this time.

The Victorians appreciated the decadence of chocolate, making it the perfect token of affection. This association between chocolate and romance laid the foundation for its enduring popularity as a Valentine's Day gift.

Why is chocolate a symbol of love?

pink and white hearts illustration

Everyone loves chocolate. The rich flavours, smooth texture and array of flavours evoke a feeling of comfort and happiness so it is the natural choice of gift for your loved one!

Chocolate contains some chemicals that are believed to promote the feelings of love in the brain so it is the perfect romantic stimulant and gift for your partner.

Chocolate has a long history of being associated with luxury, royalty, and special occasions. In ancient Mesoamerican cultures, chocolate was consumed during religious rituals and ceremonies, signifying its sacred and ceremonial significance.

Over time, eating chocolate became a coveted commodity among European nobility, further enhancing its reputation as a symbol of wealth and indulgence.

Today, chocolate continues to be associated with love and romance, particularly on occasions such as Valentine's Day.

The tradition of exchanging chocolates as a token of affection dates back centuries and remains a beloved custom in many cultures around the world. Whether it's a heart shaped box of chocolates or a Chocolate Bouquet shared with a loved one, chocolate is a symbol of love and devotion.

Who made the first Valentine's Day chocolate box?

red heart shaped and yellow and red heart shaped candies in box

The first Valentine's Day chocolate heart shaped box was created by Richard Cadbury, a British chocolatier, in the 19th century.

At the time, a company known to manufacture chocolate, Cadbury, was looking for innovative ways to utilise the leftover cocoa butter produced during the chocolate liquor making process.

Recognising the potential to create something special for Valentine's Day, Richard Cadbury decided to experiment with crafting chocolates and packaging them in beautifully decorated boxes designed specifically for the holiday.

The result was the creation of the first heart shaped box, a romantic and stunning gift that captured the imagination of Victorian consumers.

These ornate boxes, adorned with intricate designs and romantic imagery, became synonymous with Valentine's Day and revolutionised the way chocolates were exchanged as tokens of affection.

Cadbury's marketing efforts helped establish chocolate as a popular Valentine's Day staple gift, laying the foundation for the tradition of giving chocolate on this romantic holiday.

The perfect Chocolate gift

A heart shaped box of chocolates

A classic symbol of love and affection, a heart shaped box of chocolates is timeless and romantic.

It not only satisfies your loved ones sweet tooth but also adds a touch of sentimentality to the gift.

A chocolate bouquet

A chocolate bouquet offers a creative twist on traditional floral arrangements. It combines the beauty of a bouquet with the great taste of chocolates, making for a visually stunning and delicious gift that is sure to express delight.

Our full range of chocolate bouquets from the Sweet Bouquet Emporium includes classic Dairy Milk bouquets to modern sweet and chocolate combinations.

A chocolate tasting experience

A chocolate tasting experience allows the recipient to explore a variety of chocolate flavours, textures, and origins.

Whether it's a guided tasting at a local chocolate shop or a curated tasting box delivered to their doorstep, this gift offers an opportunity to appreciate the complexity of fine chocolates.

A chocolate making kit

A chocolate making kit provides the recipient with everything they need to unleash their creativity in the kitchen.

From molding their own chocolates to experimenting with different flavours and decorations, this gift offers a hands on and enjoyable experience for chocolate lovers of all skill levels.


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