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Sweet & Chocolate Bouquet

Sweet & Chocolate Bouquet

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Look no further than the Sweet & Chocolate Bouquet from the Sweet Bouquet Emporium! Containing a mix of some of the best sellers in the UK.

Get ready for a wild ride of sugar highs and candy-induced happiness as you delve into this box of deliciousness. And don't worry about the presentation, we've got you covered with a gorgeous green box, topped with lush green tissue paper and a yellow bow.

But wait, there's more! You can even add a personalised message to a cute card that's included in the bouquet - because what's better than making someone's day with a heartfelt note?

Now, let's get to the goods. Brace yourself for Fizz Wizz Popping Candy in Strawberry AND Cola flavours, Stinger Bars, Refresher Packs, Giant Fizzers, Double Dips, Flumps, Bubblegum Strips and so much more! There are even Haribo Tangfastics and Supermix Treat Bags, Fruity Pops Lollies, and Millions Tubes.

And of course, this bouquet wouldn't be complete without some chocolatey goodness. So, we've thrown in Dairy Milk, Galaxy Caramel, Kinder Bueno Milk, Curly Wurly, Freddo, Aero Bubbly Peppermint, and Giant Buttons.

Sweet & Chocolate Bouquet contents:

Fizz Wizz Popping Candy Strawberry
Fizz Wizz Popping Candy Cola
Stinger Bar
Refresher Pack
Giant Fizzers
Double Dip
Flumps x2
Bubblegum Strip
Giant Love Hearts
Refresher Bar
Rainbow Drops x2
Haribo Starmix Treat Bag 
Haribo Tangfastics Treat Bag 
Haribo Supermix Treat Bag
Fruity Pops Lollies (3 Lollies)
Millions Tubes
Dairy Milk
Galaxy Caramel
Kinder Bueno Milk
Curly Wurly
Aero Bubbly Peppermint
Giant Buttons
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